EXID’s Hani and Kim Woo Bin voted as most wanted artists to eat jajangmyeon with on Black Day

Netizens have chosen the celebrities who they want to eat jajangmyeon with to brighten up their Black Day, typically observed by those who are single on April 14th!

In South Korea, it is a tradition for singles to celebrate April 14th as Black Day by dressing up in black-colored clothing and eating black-colored food, with jajangmyeon being the most typical cuisine chosen. Because of this, a survey was conducted to find out which celebrities are the most popular among singles as a jajangmyeon-eating partner on Black Day.

For female artists, EXID’s Hani grabbed first place with 45% of the votes. Celebrities following behind include Kang So Ra (18.4%), miss A’s Suzy (14.9%), and Moon Chae Won (7.0%).

On the male side, Kim Woo Bin led the poll with 36.8% of the votes, while Jun Hyun Moo (21.4%), Kang Kyun Sung (14.6%), and Kang Ha Neul (10.4%) also made the list.

Source: Newsen