EXID’s Hani Signs With New Agency And Has New Plans For Her Career

Many opportunities are waiting for Hani!

EXID‘s Hani officially signs with Sublime Artist Agency.

On October 11, Sublime Artist Agency shared that Hani has officially signed with them. Hani debuted as a member of EXID in 2012, and has left her old agency, Banana Culture, after her contract with them expired.

It has also been confirmed that she will make her debut as an actress under the name Ahn Heeyeon and will star in the film Adults Don’t Know.

There are lots of new opportunities waiting for Hani. According Sublime Artist Agency they will support Hani as she shows her fans more sides of herself.

T-ARA’s Hyomin and PRISTIN‘s Nayoung are also signed with Sublime Artist Agency.

Source: Newsen