EXID’s Hani Speaks Candidly About Hurtful Comments She Received After Going Public With Her Relationship

Hani sets the record straight.

EXID‘s Hani spoke candidly about her boyfriend, Yang Jae Woong, and the hurt she has received from netizens’ comments after making her relationship public.

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On October 6, Hani appeared on beauty YouTuber Leo J‘s YouTube channel. The idol is seen getting her makeup done for a variety show appearance later in the day. The two spoke openly about various topics of the day before Hani spoke up about her relationship.

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In the video, Leo J asks Hani about her relationship status.

Aren’t you currently in a public relationship?

— Leo J

To which Hani responded, “Yes.” The idol then stated that “Before I went public, I always felt a little apologetic for not doing so.” Hani then commented on some of the responses she had received since going public with her relationship.

Do you know what I didn’t appreciate? If you look at the comments, because Yang Jae Woong is a psychiatrist who is ten years older, they make it seem I was gaslighted into a relationship and that I was somehow coerced. It isn’t true!

— Hani

Hani made headlines in June when she acknowledged that she was in a relationship with psychiatrist Yang Jae Woong. According to an exclusive report by Wikitree, the couple has been dating for two years. At the time, Hani’s label confirmed the idol’s dating status in a brief statement.

Hani is in a good relationship with Yang Jae Woong. Please continue to support the two of them.

— Sublime Artist Agency

Yang Jae Woong is a famed psychiatrist who is known for making various appearances on variety shows. It has been revealed that the doctor is the head of Women’s Jin Hospital in Bucheon.

Fans had a mixed response to the dating news, with some fans criticizing Hani (30) for dating Yang Jae Woong (40) because of their age difference. Watch Hani speak about her relationship and more in the link below.

Source: My Daily
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