EXO Amp Up The Excitement With Brand New Logo That Has Fans Guessing The Comeback Theme Already

EXO-Ls are already brainstorming possible comeback themes!

Ever since it was announced EXO would be coming back with their sixth studio album at the end of November, fans have eagerly been anticipating any more news from the group and luckily, they didn’t have to wait long to get an amazing comeback surprise!


EXO just uploaded a brand new logo design via their social media accounts! The logo features two crossed black flags. In an animation of the new logo, these flags gently wave in a breeze.


This new logo already has fans talking and trying to guess what the theme for this comeback will possibly be. Since EXO’s logos always relate to their concept themes, EXO-Ls have been throwing out some possibilities about this new design. Some fans have been guessing that the black flags could be a pirate type theme while others have guessed it could be a continuation of their “Tempo” era racing theme.


Many EXO-Ls, however, are crossing their fingers that these flags signify a royal concept. Fans have been hoping for a royal theme for a long time now and seeing the fancy flags, many fans are excited about the possibility!


While the concept for this comeback remains a mystery, for now, the new logo definitely has fans even more excited for their upcoming comeback!