EXO’s Baekhyun, Chanyeol, and Suho Warn Fans About Their Improper Airport Behavior

They warned EXO-L about their behavior.

3 members of EXO have taken to their social media accounts to warn their fans about their improper behavior at the airport.

Chanyeol posted on his Instagram a message to his fans, mentioning that there has been a lack of order, to the point of being dangerous, at the airport.

I think that the level of order at the airports recently has been dangerous. I am uploading this post because I think that it could be a safety concern for not just EXO, but also to other people who are at the airport too.

I hope there are no more incidents that can cause injury to not just us, but other people at the airport, due to the disorder or reckless filming (attempts).

— Chanyeol

Baekhyun also posted on his personal Twitter account a message to his fans about their behavior.

I think you will be prettier EXO-L’s if you can maintain the order at the airport!

If other people get hurt because of us (being at the airport), we will feel sorry and feel burdened when we go to the airport!

Please don’t run or push, just stand and watch us!

I’m worried (people) will get hurt.

— Baekhyun

Finally, EXO’s leader Suho posted on his Instagram story a similar message to Chanyeol’s, about maintaining order in the airport.

Recently, I think the order at the airport has become more dangerous. I am uploading this short post because I think there are safety risks not just for us, but also for the other people using the airport.

It would be nice if there are no injuries to the airport guests due to the inconveniences brought by (some fans) not maintaining order or reckless filming. I sincerely ask for your cooperation.

— Suho