EXO Baekhyun’s Comment About Depression Sparks Controversy

He was trying to be supportive.

During their recent “Universe” fan meeting, EXO‘s Baekhyun opened up about how he has a difficult time understanding why people are diagnosed with depression.

He said that he hopes to be able to help people pull through by showering them with happy thoughts.

“A lot of people say they’re depressed. If I may express my thoughts, I don’t know why people get depressed or have insomnia to be honest.

I’m not criticizing it. I know you can’t force yourself to only think good thoughts, but there are good people around you. You have friends, and you have me and the members.

I hope everyone will always have a smile on their face by looking at us.”

— EXO’s Baekhyun 

However, netizens thought his remarks were insensitive to those who are suffering from depression and insomnia.

The situation farther escalated when a fan from the same fan meeting revealed what Baekhyun said after she revealed to him that she’s taking medication for her depression. Worried about her health, he suggested her to stop taking medication and find a healthier solution.

“I told [Baekhyun] that I’m having a hard time these days because of my depression. He looked at me with a heartbroken expression and said ‘I don’t understand people who have depression or insomnia!! You should live happily!!’

He asked if I was taking medication and I said yes. He then said, ‘No. Medicines aren’t good for you.You only feel better when you take it and it has the opposite effect when you come down from it.’

He said, ‘Stop taking medication and live happily, okay? Have strength, okay?'”

— Fan From The Fan Meeting

Baekhyun’s signed autograph for the fan. “Thank you for being born!!”

Her tweets became viral as people started criticizing Baekhyun for suggesting her to go against her doctor’s orders.

Depression is actually a clinical diagnosis, where the chemical imbalance of the brain causes the illness. It needs to be treated with medication therapy, combined with other necessary treatments.

After realizing how controversial her tweets have become, the fan clarified that Baekhyun was only trying to be supportive and was sincerely worried for her. She emphasizes that Baekhyun meant no harm and is actually a big source of her strength in fighting her depression.

Baekhyun’s signed autograph to another fan from the “Universe” fan meeting. “Don’t worry too much~ It’ll all pass soon~”

Although his intentions were innocent and came from a loving place, many netizens wonder if Baekhyun was too insensitive and misinforming.

They’re shocked by his comments, especially because his labelmate and friend SHINee’s Jonghyun passed away less than a month ago from depression.

Listen to Baekhyun talk about depression below: