EXO Baekhyun’s Mindset Towards Hate Comments Reveals That Underneath His Bright Smile Lies An Unshakeable Heart

Hatred isn’t worth giving your time of day.

In his recent YouTube update, EXO‘s Baekhyun reads from the book I’ve Decided To Be Me and comes across a passage that touches close to his heart. When dealing with hatred from others, sometimes, being a “good person” will only result in losing yourself.

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Despite how unfair and ridiculous it is, being in the public eye, especially in the entertainment industry, means that no matter who you are, you will face indiscriminate hatred from many who don’t even know you. The higher you climb, the more people want you to fall.

To make his stance clear, Baekhyun pointed out the difference between hate comments and constructive criticism. The insight he provides behind differentiating the two reflects Baekhyun’s lifelong motto: be brave, be humble. While humility is important, being confident of your own worth is equally essential.

While Baekhyun could easily boast about his achievements and skills, he is humble and receptive to criticism meant to guide him to be a better version of himself.

But for hate comments that are indiscriminately attacking for no reason, Baekhyun considers them to not even be worth a single moment of his time.

Instead, Baekhyun’s mindset is to focus on those who genuinely care for him and to work toward making his loved ones proud. He’s had this mindset since a young age, which is why he’s been able to be a constant source of light wherever he goes.

And for those who worry for him, since unrelenting hatred can wear on anyone’s soul, Baekhyun can assure them that he is fine because he understands his own value and finds strength from those who support him.

Baekhyun gives a final piece of advice, both from himself and from the author: it’s good to strive to be the best version of yourself and to be a positive influence, but if your motivation stems from not being hated, there’s a risk that in the process of growing, you’ll end up losing yourself. You should aim to be a light for yourself and those who love you instead of trying to please those who don’t even care for you.

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