Baekhyun’s Personal Space Was Invaded By Mob At The Airport

The sight will leave you feeling claustrophobic.

EXO-Ls have been eagerly anticipating the Privé Alliance fashion presentation in Los Angeles and Baekhyun‘s own appearance there since they first heard about it earlier this month. With the event almost upon us, Baekhyun was recently seen catching a flight to LA.


Although fans have been very happy to see the press photos and some fan-taken ones too, they weren’t impressed with how people reacted when they saw him! From the moment Baekhyun stepped into the airport, he was surrounded by a huge crowd of people all vying to get a shot of the idol.


In video clips from the airport, you can see Baekhyun slowly moving through the crowd…


While trying to avoid the phones and cameras being pushed dangerously close to him.


Fans have been absolutely astonished to see the clips and have started calling out these people for their rude behavior towards Baekhyun.


Many EXO-Ls have expressed how much seeing this hurts their hearts and are apologizing to Baekhyun for having to go through that.


Meanwhile, Baekhyun will be attending the Privé Alliance fashion presentation on February 26.