EXO’s Baekhyun And His Ride Were Chased Through The Airport By A Sasaeng

She was seen closely chasing him:

EXO-Ls have opened up conversations about idols personal space, privacy, and protection after they discovered a video of a sasaeng chasing EXO‘s Baekhyun through the airport despite him being on a golf cart.


A few days ago EXO touched down in Thailand ahead of their EXplOration concerts. Upon their arrival, EXO was greeted by a crowd of fans who were respectful of EXO’s privacy and space to which their fellow EXO-Ls had nothing but praise. Unfortunately, EXO-Ls weren’t the only ones present.


When EXO were being transported through the airport, a sasaeng was spotted chasing the golf cart containing Baekhyun.


The person in question ran incredibly close to the cart and Baekhyun while sticking the camera in his face, causing all who saw videos of the incident to feel upset by their actions.


Later, many EXO-Ls revealed they recognized the runner and identified her as one of EXO’s known sasaengs. Fans additionally said the person had even gone so far as to sell EXO’s flight information to other sasaengs in the past.

EXO-Ls have since been reporting their account while opening up the discussion about keeping idols safe and protected from incidents like this.