EXO’s Baekhyun Made A Special Treat For EXO-L’s Birthday, And It Has Us Soft

He is actually the sweetest 🥺

August 5 marks the official birthday of EXO‘s fandom getting the name EXO-L, and it seems as if fans aren’t the only ones celebrating! Throughout the day, the members have been sharing messages of love with fans.

EXO’s lightstick | @kimjuncotton/ Instagram

Even the members serving in the military treated fans to some special surprises. Chanyeol released a video at midnight on the dot with a special video for fans that just screamed aesthetics!

Baekhyun also had something special up his sleeve and also released a video on his YouTube channel where he made a cake for EXO-Ls!

Although Baekhyun already had the pieces of cake ready, the precision and effort put into applying whipped cream to each layer showed just how much he cares for the fans.

At first, it definitely wasn’t the easiest thing to do, and Baekhyun struggled with cream, but he eventually got into the swing of it!

While making the cake, Baekhyun even had some sweet words to share with fans on the best way to celebrate their birthday, and it is something EXO-Ls will happily follow.

Since today is EXO-L’s birthday, let’s eat a lot of delicious food today. Even if you had a cheat day yesterday, and the day before that, you should eat today too.

— Baekhyun

Even though Baekhyun couldn’t be there to actually make the cake in real time, he had comforting words for fans. He explained, “I’ll be thinking of you. Just wait a little bit. I’ll be back.

Luckily those warm words were enough for EXO-Ls because Bakehyun added that he didn’t think he was good at making things after he’d finished icing the cake! However, he was right in saying that sometimes things taste delicious, even if they don’t look great!

Yet, even though things weren’t going his way, Baekhyun kept going to finish the special gift for EXO-Ls, putting his blood, sweat, and tears into the cake!

In the end, despite his initial reservations, Baekhyun completed the cake, and it looked beautiful! With strawberries, cream, chocolate, and a macaron, it was the perfect gift from a sweet idol to his even sweeter fans!

No birthday celebration is complete with singing, and Baekhyun finished his video by singing “Happy Birthday” to EXO-Ls worldwide!

Despite all the members being extremely busy, it is touching that they’ve all made time to wish EXO-Ls a happy birthday! You can watch the whole video below.

Source: Baekhyun