EXO’s Baekhyun Takes His Corgi On A Walk In Wholesome YouTube Update, And It’s Exactly The Serotonin Boost We Need

Or more like Mongryong takes Baekhyun on a walk!

EXO‘s Baekhyun may be currently carrying out his military service, but he is still making sure to stay connected with fans through his wholesome YouTube content!

His most recent update showed him going for a walk with his adorable Corgi Mongryong, who is so popular with EXO-Ls that he is almost a celebrity in his own right. In fact, when Baekhyun designed his own merch for fans, much of it was Mongryong-inspired! Baekhyun designed the cutest Mongryong plushies, which came in different sizes for everyone to love.

| @byeonbaekbeom/Instagram

Seeing as Mongryong is always in high-demand, Baekhyun decided to show EXO-Ls how he takes his Corgi for a walk— or rather, how Mongryong walks him. From the beginning of the walk Mongryong already had his own idea of where he wanted to go and refused to move until Baekhyun turned in the direction he wanted.

| EXO/YouTube

Baekhyun easily gave up, saying he’d just go wherever Mongryong desired. And when Mongryong decided it was time to do his business, Baekhyun hilariously turned away to give him some privacy…

…and then dutifully cleaned up after him, also saying that he was thankful to Mongryong for making him get some exercise that day.

As they strolled along, Baekhyun explained that Mongryong walks so much that he already knows all the trails near his house, so it really did feel like Mongryong was the one walking him.

As Mongryong kept peeing so much, Baekhyun poked fun at him saying that he would ‘run out’ if he continued at that rate…

…and then hilariously filmed Mongryong’s fluffy butt.

After Baekhyun managed to persuade Mongryong into a chaotic little sprint…

…Mongryong decided it was time to go home.

Baekhyun attempted to persuade him to continue the walk, but Mongryong would not be dissuaded!

After a meal with his parents, and some snacks for Mongryong…

…it was time for Baekhyun to leave. His visit ended with a reluctant goodbye…

…but not without having provided everyone with exactly the serotonin boost we needed! EXO-Ls can always count on Baekhyun to bring a smile to their faces—and Mongryong too! If you want to see the full video you can watch it on the link below!