EXO Baekhyun’s Solo Stage Is A Total Eye-Catcher With All The Singing, Dancing, And This

How does he do it?

EXO‘s Baekhyun is on a steady course of flight with his solo promotions of “UN Village”. His new track, performed live for the TV audience for the first time on Music Bank, is a bop and EXO-Ls are in love with his performances revealing more and more of the unseen sides of Baekhyun away from the group.


Baekhyun’s most recent stage cams and fan cams, however, showed that his singing and dancing aren’t the only things adding fuel to his wow factor. His flawless skin now has EXO-Ls wondering about his favorite skin care products and routines!


Under the stage lights, Baekhyun is beaming. His chic black outfit only complements his perfect skin. Everything about Baekhyun’s styling and performance, including the song’s mellow vibes, adds to this dangerously attractive vibe that he gives off on stage!


Baekhyun’s fans are entirely fascinated by how clean, moisturized, and healthy Baekhyun’s skin looks – even after all it must have been through, with extensive stage make-up. How Baekhyun maintains it to look that smooth and dreamy remains a total mystery, but his fans are glad to see it glow nonetheless.


Watch his performance below:

Source: THEQOO