“Ended All Fanwars”: Newlywed Couple Goes Viral On K-Pop Twitter

An ARMY and EXO-L got married!

A newlywed couple is going viral among K-Pop fans.

Julia (left) and Jo (right) | @suwubinnie/Twitter

K-Pop multi-fans Jo (@ohyeonjuns on Twitter) and Julia (@suwubinnie on Twitter) married each other last year. 

Julia (left) and Jo (right) | @suwubinnie/Twitter

Jo tweeted a couple of adorable photos at their wedding, including them wrapped together with the Bisexual Pride Flag and another of Jo holding an Eribong (also known as Pharynx, EXO‘s lightstick) and Jula holding an ARMY Bomb (BTS‘s lightstick). The tweet soon went viral, with 4.8M views and 102.1K likes at the time of writing.

Jo described taking the photos in the comment section. They also explained the significance of the lightsticks as they met and connected through their love for K-Pop.

K-Pop fans are wishing the happy couple congratulations and joking that they “ended fan wars” with their marriage.

A quote-tweet also went viral, joking that they are the same girls from the iconic meme of an EXO-L looking at an ARMY (they’re not).

Previously, Jo and Julia shared photos from their wedding in November. They also posed with photocards of TXT‘s Soobin and Yeonjun!

It wasn’t until now that they officially received professional photography back. They surely never expected those long-awaited pics would make them go viral!

Source: ohyeonjuns

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