EXO’s D.O. Reveals The Traumatic Story That Caused His Camera Anxiety

He’s still scarred from that time.

EXO‘s D.O. guest starred on Actor & Chatter, where he revealed that a past traumatic experience has left him with an anxiety towards cameras!

“I’ve had camera anxiety since my debut era. When I debuted as a singer, I made a mistake on a music show. I’m still traumatized by it.”

— D.O.


D.O. explained that during their debut days, he was in charge of introducing their song ‘MAMA’. However, he was so nervous that he accidentally said the wrong word!

“We debuted with a song called ‘MAMA’, and I was in charge of introducing the song. I was supposed to describe the song as, ‘It’s a powerful dance track with a magnificent orchestra.’

But all I couldn’t remember the word ‘magnificent’ and only remembered was the first letter. Instead, I said, ‘superior orchestra’. I couldn’t even talk after my mistake.”

— D.O.


He explained that after his mistake, he had a hard time getting rid of the nervousness that he started sweating a lot during their performance.

“I sweated so much from nervousness that day. People around me tried to help me out but I apologized. I performed on stage with the same nervousness.

I did well during the rehearsal. After learning that it was going to be filmed live, I got so nervous that I made a mistake from the very beginning.”

— D.O.


After D.O. confessed his trauma, fans quickly found the video clip of his cute mistake. As seen in the video, D.O. held onto the mic tightly as he stumbled upon his words. Thankfully, his members helped him through it as they laughed together at his small mishap!


Despite the little hiccup, D.O. completed their debut performance with grace!


It’s hard to believe that such a multi-talented star has camera anxiety! He definitely hides it well on stage!

Source: HeraldPop