EXO-CBX States Reason For Renewing Contract With SM

They wanted to protect the group.

On June 10 at 4 PM KST, EXO’s Chen, Baekhyun, and Xiumin’s (EXO-CBX) agency INB100 held an emergency press conference at the Shilla Hotel to report claims of unfair treatment by SM Entertainment.

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The press conference was held by ONE HUNDRED’s Cha Ga Won, legal representative Lee Jae Hak, and INB100’s CEO Kim Dong Jun. The three members did not attend the press conference.

Lee Jae Hak (left), Cha Ga Won (center) and Lee Dong Jun (Right) | Xsportnews

INB100’s statement revealed they had a designated number of albums with a five-year exclusive contract. If the album were not released, the contact period would be automatically extended until implemented. Although they thought it was unfair due to its indefinite extension, they renewed the contract with a “dispirited” heart to protect EXO and the fans.

They also claimed that the three members gave up a large contract renewal fee for EXO.

EXO’s group activities are done according to separate legal relationships. The three members gave up a large renewal fee when signing the agreement. The three members did not receive a contact fee and decided to protect EXO and the fans.

— Legal representative Lee Jae Hak

However, after establishing INB100, SM did not fulfill the 5.5% music distribution fee. They stated they would file a criminal complaint against SM Entertainment for fraud.

EXO-CBX’s Agency INB100 To Hold Emergency Press Conference Claiming Unfair Treatment By SM

Source: theqoo and spotvnews


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