Chanyeol Breaks Record On Instagram For Most Followers, Leaving Competition In The Dust

He actually set two new records:

The members of EXO certainly are not strangers to setting new records and Chanyeol has just done it again!


For the past couple of days, fans have been really watching the number of followers on each of the EXO members’ Instagram pages. While the numbers have been going up and down causing some confusion, within the past 24 hours EXO-Ls have seen Chanyeol’s numbers go from 16.5 million to 16.9 million.


Now Chanyeol has officially reached 17 million followers on Instagram and counting!


Not only did Chanyeol set a new record for being the first Korean to reach 17 million followers on the platform but it also means he’s the most followed Korean on Instagram too!


EXO-Ls have been celebrating Chanyeol’s new record and sending lots of love to him.


Congratulations Chanyeol and EXO-L!