EXO Suddenly Became “Chanyeol And His Fanboys” On Music Bank

Chanyeol celebrated EXO’s win by bringing sexy back.

Nobody celebrates a win quite like EXO does!


On Music Bank‘s December 6 episode, EXO took their first win for “Obsession” with 8970 points over 5500 for IU’s “Blueming.” To celebrate, the members did a dance relay line.


When Chanyeol‘s turn came, the camera zoomed in on his sneaky, the-wheels-are-turning-in-his-mind expression. He was clearly up to something!


That something was this.


Chanyeol was totally feeling himself — and so were his members! They cheered Chanyeol on as he busted body rolls and launched into his rap verse.


Check out EXO’s dance relay here: