Here’s Why EXO’s Chanyeol Missed Out On SM’s Halloween Costume Contest

The King of Halloween costumes was missing this year…

EXO‘s Chanyeol has always been a master of Halloween costumes. He even won 1st place for the Best Costume during the 2017 SMTOWN Wonderland celebration!


His decked out costume that was the exact replica of the Avengers hero had fans and celebrities all admiring his dedication to the holiday.


So it was a surprise when 2018 SMTOWN Wonderland rolled around and Chanyeol was nowhere to be seen!


While all of his fellow SM artists and celebrities gathered in their most extravagant outfits, the defending champion unfortunately missed out on the fun.


With Chanyeol out of the game, SHINee‘s Key was finally able to take home his long awaited 1st place title as the Best Dressed!


During a recent recording for Happy Together 4, Key revealed the real reason how he was able to take Chanyeol’s title so easily. Chanyeol wasn’t able to compete because his costume was stuck in customs!

“Chanyeol, who won 1st place last year as Iron Man, had prepared a Deadpool costume. But the costume wasn’t able to clear customs in time, so he couldn’t participate.”

— Key


Without his #1 contender, Key was able to take home the incredible 1st place prize for his costume as Voldemort!

“This year, I personally hired the costume team of Korea Big League for my Voldemort costume.

Thanks to them, I won 1st place. The prize was incredible.”

— Key


Baekhyun also added that he competed with his mummy costume but it failed it rank even in the top half because no one knew it was him!

“My mummy costume was made of really high quality. But I didn’t place in the top because no one could recognize it was me.”

— Baekhyun


With so much competition between the SM brothers, fans can surely look forward to the 2019 SMTOWN Wonderland Halloween Costume Contest!

Source: TenAsia