EXO-Ls Outraged As Airport Staff Leaks EXO Chanyeol’s Passport Information

She was the immigration officer in charge.

EXO-Ls around the world were furious when fans mobbed EXO‘s Sehun and Chanyeol as they arrived in Vietnam.


The two were greeted with an orderly welcome upon arrival at the airport. They reportedly could have gone through the VIP exit but refused in order to greet EXO-Ls.


Sasaeng fans who began touching and shoving them, however, began the riot.


To make a bad situation worse, Chanyeol’s passport information was leaked for the entire internet to see.



The source was an immigration officer who had close contact with the idols. She took the passport and uploaded a picture of it on her group chat, spreading the information to the public.


Footage of Chanyeol looking visibly upset as he searched for his passport circulated online.


EXO-Ls were outraged at the staff’s actions.


They said that such an important document should be treated with utmost privacy.


Fans also brought up how security was allegedly not trained to protect the idols.


EXO-Ls are hoping that SM Entertainment will take measures to further ensure the safety of their artists.


Source: TheQoo