EXO Chen Appeared on Hamilton’s Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Phone Case

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s phone case raised a bit of curiosity from eager fans after they thought they saw a Korean idol on it.


The photo of renowned American composer and playwright Lin-Manuel was taken at a recent march in support of Puerto Rico where he could be seen holding his phone in front of him. 

Out of the blue, one netizen decided they needed to know what was on Lin-Manuel’s phone case.

When he replied, fans were quickly able to figure out who the figure on the case was.

As it turns out, Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote and composed for the musical In The Heights…

And EXO’s Chen was the actor playing the role of Benny in the Korean run of the musical. 

It would appear that the Lin-Manuel took enough of a liking to Chen that he got a phone case with his image on it!

Who would have thought that K-Pop awareness could have come about from a politically-motivated rally!