EXO Fans Call Out SM Entertainment For Its Latest Way Of “Excluding” Chen

“We’re tired and used to this.”

EXO fans have accused SM Entertainment of excluding Chen in new content.

EXO’s Chen

In 2020, EXO‘s Chen surprised fans by announcing his upcoming marriage and first child in a heartfelt letter. Since then, the artist has reportedly registered the marriage and welcomed a second child, holding a ceremony in October 2023.

The initial news was met with criticism as fans demanded that Chen leave EXO, even holding a pitiful protest outside of SM Entertainment.


Chen has remained with the group, but fandom opinion has been mixed, with the idol even getting the silent treatment at an EXO event.

International Fans Show Support For EXO’s Chen And Chanyeol After They Are Given The Silent Treatment During Fan Meeting

Many fans have criticized SM Entertainment for not doing more to protect the idol, and now they are accusing the company of excluding him in a new way.

Last August, the 4th season of EXO’s Travel The World On A Ladder (also known as EXO’s Ladder) was shared, with the season ending in September of that year.


Recently, SM Culture & Contents‘s Studio, the subsidiary that handles content production, shared unseen clips from the season online. Initially, these clips were met with excitement until fans noticed that the videos shared did not include Chen in the thumbnail.

| SM C&C Studio

Chen appears in each video, so it is surprising that he is not included any of the thumbnails at all.

Fans have also implied that this is not the first time this has happened, and looking back through the EXO Ladder clips shared on YouTube, Chen does seem to appear in fewer thumbnails than the other members. For the same preview clip, WAVVE, the platform on which the full episodes are located, included Chen in the thumbnail, while the SM C&C channel did not.

| YouTube

While this may seem like a minor issue, fans have stayed vigilant for any indications that Chen is being excluded in any way. Some believe his absence in the thumbnails might be that he is being “hidden” to appease those who advocated for his removal.


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