EXO’s Chen And Im Hanbyul Are Teaming Up To Release A Duet Together

It will be the duet of the century!

Prepare yourselves! There will be duet collaboration between Im Hanbyul and EXO‘s Chen and it will be releasing very soon!


Im Hanbyul (sometimes stylized as Im Hanbyeol or Lim Hanbyul) has recently been hinting at a possible collaboration for the next part of his three-part series about breakups. Many fans began speculating that it could be EXO’s Chen after Im Hanbyul hinted that the song would be a collaboration with a friend.

Im Hanbyul is an accomplished singer, composer, and lyricist. He’s worked with artists like Super Junior and NCT Dream, and has worked as a vocal director.


After fans discovered that his cover of Chen’s “Beautiful Goodbye” contained a special message for Chen in the description they were even more convinced!

Chen, who I first met as a composer, has become a great friend. Congratulations on your solo debut. Let’s meet up one spring day in May.

— Im Hanbyul


On May 9, it was confirmed that Chen would indeed by the other artist involved in the song called “May We Bye” which Hanbyul produced himself. Following that announcement, on May 10, a teaser for the song was released!


Set to be released on May 13, the song already promises to bless our ears with their sweet voices. May 13 can’t come soon enough!

Source: Osen