EXO’s Chen Confesses He Once Caused A Nuisance To MONSTA X And Their Fans

He wants to apologize.

EXO‘s Chen appeared on Radio Star to reveal that he once caused a nuisance to MONSTA X and their fans.


MONBEBEs may recall that earlier this year, the members were sending new year greetings to their fans through a live broadcast when someone’s screaming can be heard in the background. The members were startled by the noise as they stopped briefly because of the sound.

The segment starts at 1:00 mark:


It appears that the sound actually belonged to EXO’s Chen! Chen confessed that he was warming up his vocals at the waiting room but he didn’t know his voice would be heard from other rooms!


He felt so apologetic about interrupting MONSTA X and their live broadcast with their fans.

“I actually have a loud voice. The waiting rooms at music shows don’t really have good soundproofing, and a lot of idols hold live broadcasts while waiting. But right when I was warming up my vocals, my voice was heard in the room right next to us.

I was so sorry, so I looked up the video and actually heard my voice!”

— Chen


Chen actually tries to speak softer whenever he talks because he’s aware how loud his voice can get!


But thanks to Chen’s amazing vocal cords, he’s able to sing such beautiful songs like “Beautiful Goodbye”!


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