EXO Chen’s SBS Super Concert Performance Was So Powerful Even The Cameraman Couldn’t Handle It

It looked like even the cameraman was feeling the effects of Chen’s charms:

When EXO‘s Chen hits the stage, you know you better prepare yourself! Chen’s flawless and powerful vocals, intense and heart-stopping visuals, and just pure Chen goodness are enough to make anyone feel seriously attacked. So when he took the stage at the SBS Super Concert in Incheon, even the cameraman was unable to contain himself!


This year, fans were treated to many amazing interactions, plenty of sweet moments on stage, and absolutely stunning performances. As the concert was wrapping up for the night, there was still one more performance that everyone was eagerly waiting for, Chen’s!


As he took the stage, Chen immediately had everyone’s attention and as soon as he opened his mouth and began singing his “Shall We?” it was pure heaven!


The heavenly sound mixed with Chen’s heart-fluttering visuals had an instant effect on everyone who witnessed the performance, including the cameraman! Shortly after Chen began his performance, one of the camera’s wobbled, tilted, then took a small dive sideways! Making it look like the cameraman was more than a little breathless thanks to Chen!


With one cameraman out of commission, the cameras quickly switched to another angle to give the cameraman some time to catch his breath!


Although the wobbly camera moment was quick, fans have been absolutely loving it especially since it looks as though the cameraman was feeling the effects of Chen as much as the rest of us!


Besides giving the heart-fluttering performance of “Shall We?” at the concert, Chen also gave a sweet and soulful performance of “Hold You Tight”. You can watch Chen’s stunning performances as well as the moment he stole the cameraman’s heart in the video below around the 2-hour and 41-minute mark: