Chinese EXO-Ls Go Above And Beyond In Celebration Of EXO-Ls’ 8th Anniversary

Happy 8th birthday, EXO-Ls!

August 5, 2014, is the day EXO gave their fans the name EXO-L, or EXO-Love, and this year marks EXO-Ls’ 8th birthday.

While it’s usual for fans to go all out for their idol’s birthdays or anniversaries, EXO-Ls celebrate each other just as passionately, and as always, Chinese EXO-Ls take the cake for the most beautiful anniversary projects.

For EXO-Ls’ 8th anniversary, Chinese EXO-Ls, headed by EXO-TBG, celebrated by promoting EXO through helicopter support and a beautifully decorated venue.

| EXO-TBG/Weibo
| EXO-TBG/Weibo

The tree and the whale are symbols any EXO-L will recognize, and just taking in the ethereal exhibit moves the hearts of all fans.

This isn’t the first time Chinese EXO-Ls have created gorgeous exhibits for EXO-Ls to celebrate their love for EXO. On EXO’s 10th anniversary earlier this year, China Baidu EXO Bar recreated iconic sets for EXO-Ls to visit.

And for EXO’s 8th anniversary, China Baidu EXO Bar transformed a normal garden into a fantasy world.

Yet, for all the extravagance, EXO-Ls still humbly give back to their community, following in EXO’s footsteps.

As time continues, the bond between EXO and EXO-Ls only grows stronger. Until the day EXO and EXO-Ls can sing together again and forever after that, we wish the best for both the idols and the fans.