EXO’s Concert Is So Damn Good Even This Rodent EXO-L Showed Up Uninvited

It was a moment of panic for EXO-Ls.

EXO, during their EXOPLANET #5 EXplOration Concert, had a wild scare when a rat showed up in the house and made all the EXO-Ls in the audience panic. EXO members trying to deal with their not-so-friendly furry fan were captured on camera – and netizens are freaking out with EXO-Ls.


When EXO first noticed the fans in section E1 pushing around and panicking, they thought it was a bug freaking the fans out. Members continued to ask if anyone could “catch it”, thinking it was a small bug…

What kind of a bug is it that would drive everyone into such panic? Wow, it’s like watching a horror movie. Please be careful and don’t push too hard…



… until they realized they’re dealing with a rat. (Note Kai casually walking as far away from the area as possible.)

Is everyone okay…? OH IT’S A RAT? A RAT!?!??



While the venue staff tried to sort out the rodent-gone-rogue issue, EXO tried to lighten up the mood by interacting with EXO-Ls in the affected area and trying to calm them down.

Is everyone okay? Please try to be careful. They’re working on catching the rat. We don’t want anyone to trip and fall…



Once the rat problem got resolved, EXO and EXO-Ls moved on to enjoying the concert again. In an effort to relieve some of the stress EXO-Ls must have felt due to this squeaky hiccup, EXO kept the mood light and optimistically commented that “Word must have gotten out that EXO concert is so good, even animals come to see it.”


EXO-Ls, while exhausted from the surprise event by an unexpected visitor, are also moving on from the scare and being good sport about it. They have now nicknamed the rodent “Ratatouille” and are asking that next time, he pays for a ticket like everyone else. The word “라따뚜이 (Ratatouille)” trended on Twitter as well.


Some EXO-Ls have come to a playful conclusion that the mouse was actually a spirit-come-to-life, of all the EXO-Ls who smashed their “mouses”, but still failed to land concert tickets!