Fans Are Curious About The Meaning Of The Flowers In The Teaser For D.O.’s 1st Mini Album

Who knew the language of flowers could be so useful?

SM Entertainment released a full teaser schedule for the first mini album from EXO‘s D.O. and EXO-Ls are excited.

The teaser image features D.O.’s handsome jawline and slightly obscured yellow flowers that have fans on Twitter becoming floral detectives to figure out if there might be a deeper meaning to the choice of flowers used in the teaser.

The language of flowers has been around for hundreds of years so it would be not be surprising if the flowers featured in the teaser image were there for more than decoration. The only issue is what kind of flowers are they?

One popular guess has been daffodils which are considered to be a symbol of positivity and rebirth. They also symbolize resilience as they are flowers strong enough to survive the winter. This could provide fans with a beautiful musical metaphor.

Another theory suggests that the flower in question may be a daylily which can symbolize joy, love and devotion. This could suggest a more romantic tone for the album.

The last theory is a bit more lighthearted and suggests that the flower may just be a yellow jasmine flower. In the language of flowers this would mean happiness and friendship which could suggest a more fun song although this Twitter user saw it a little differently.

We may not know exactly what the flowers in the teaser are right now but we can’t wait for July 26 so we can finally hear D.O.’s mini album. Let us know what you think the flowers in the teaser might be!

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