“The Epitome Of Noir”: 7-Second “Cream Soda” Clip Of EXO’s D.O. Goes Unexpectedly Viral

“Need to gatekeep Kyungsoo.”

With the release of their latest and highly anticipated album, EXIST, the members of EXO have been busy promoting the album and its respective title track, “Cream Soda”.

Though they all have skills in different areas of music and performance, each of EXO’s members brings something unique and irreplaceable to the group’s performances, and they’re really showing just how much they’ve grown in their eleven years together!

EXO | SM Entertainment

Recently, however, it was one member in particular that captured the attention of fans during one of the group’s “Cream Soda” performances, and it was a moment that definitely wasn’t expected to take off.

D.O. (EXO) | SM Entertainment

The moment takes place at around the 1:24 mark in this fancam of D.O..

It was during a segment where D.O. actually moves offstage briefly, and becomes cloaked in shadow for the duration of the clip. However, the dim lighting, D.O.’s confident yet relaxed pose, and the overall aura he gives off has drawn the attention of the people contributing to the 130k+ views that the video has received on Twitter so far!

The clip became the topic of discussion on a forum post, where screenshots of D.O. were also shared that emphasize just how “noir” he looks.

Fans are loving how much attention the talented EXO member is getting for this comeback, as evidenced by the comments on the forum post!

And we definitely can’t blame people for being smitten over him!

Source: The Qoo and Pann Choa