EXO’s D.O, Kim So Hyun, and Lee David to star in upcoming film “Pure Love”

It has been confirmed that EXO‘s D.O will be joining actress Kim So Hyun and Lee David in the upcoming film Pure Love directed by Lee Eun Hee.

In addition to the actors mentioned above, actor Yeon Jun Seok and actress Ju Da Yeong have also been confirmed to have joined the cast as well.

Shooting for Pure Love is planned to start sometimes this summer with the film to premiere early next year in the spring.

The movie tells the story of people who reminisce over their first love after listening to various other love stories on the radio, similar to fairy tales for adults. A radio DJ then broadcasts a certain love story read from letters from 23 years ago from a fishing village. This story focuses on the love story between D.O and Kim So Hyun’s characters.

Source: Sports Korea