EXO’s D.O. Sends Xiumin The Sweetest Congratulatory Message For Xiumin’s Solo Debut

D.O.’s heart is full of love.

To celebrate EXO Xiumin‘s solo debut, the rest of the members who were out of the military came together to give fans the opportunity to see them all interacting in person. Still, one member, D.O. (also known as Kyungsoo), couldn’t make it due to conflicting schedules.

Currently, D.O. is filming for his new drama, Bad Prosecutor, and the show premiere happened earlier today. While it’s set to air today, Kyungsoo will still be actively filming for the show for the next couple of weeks.


At the time EXO was filming “Brand New Acorn Market,” D.O. was filming for Bad Prosecutor, but while he wasn’t present, the members didn’t forget to update EXO-Ls about his schedule. Suho revealed that he was also working on an OST, and after a couple of guesses, he revealed that he’d be contributing to Bad Prosecutor‘s soundtrack.

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Suho joked that Kyungsoo was the one who asked him to sing the OST, although he quickly admitted that it wasn’t true. To tease Suho in return, Sehun called Kyungsoo right then and there to confirm. While it might have just been for fun, it’s also possible that EXO’s ever-loyal maknae was trying to make it possible for Kyungsoo to appear on the show with them, even if he couldn’t be there in person.

When the members exaggerated and said Suho had told them D.O. had begged him for an OST, D.O.’s silence before scoffing in disbelief was hilarious. No EXO interaction is complete without some teasing, and while he wasn’t there in person, D.O. quickly brightened up everyone’s day.

Since the whole point of the video was to celebrate Xiumin’s solo debut, D.O.’s call couldn’t end without a sweet message to his hyung. Xiumin was nervous about his debut, and Kyungsoo started by empathizing with him, saying that going solo after working with the members for so long was nerve-wracking for Kyungsoo as well.

He then reassured Xiumin, telling Xiumin to be confident since he’s a great artist. While simple, his words held a deep sincerity that touched Xiumin’s heart. D.O. was confident in Xiumin’s success, but what mattered most to him wasn’t any achievements but Xiumin’s well-being.

But you’re good (so it will go well). Just don’t get hurt.

— D.O.

And despite being the one with a busy filming schedule, Kyungsoo checked in with all the members to make sure they had eaten. While it’s a common question, Kyungsoo has always asked the members if they’ve eaten as a small way of showing his love and care for them, and his kindness didn’t go unappreciated.

D.O. is well known for his kind and loving personality that warms the hearts of everyone he meets, and with his members, his sweetness shines through even the smallest of actions. Kyungsoo ended the call in the cutest way, leaving EXO and EXO-Ls gushing over his “Fighting!” message to Xiumin.

Kyungsoo has the sweetest heart, and while he may seem quiet and serious, he’s actually quite the goofball and never fails to brighten his members’ days.


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