EXO’s D.O. Has The Sweetest Relationship With His Mom, Adding To The Long List Of Reasons Why Everyone Adores Him

His love and devotion to his parents are as deep as the ocean.

EXO‘s D.O. (also known as Kyungsoo) is starring in a new drama, Bad Prosecutor, and with the premiere on October 5, D.O. also went on a radio show for promotions.


While on air, D.O. brought up his mother and even sent her a sweet video message. Though he wasn’t sure she was listening, he was sincere with his words, and his tiny smile as he sent his love melted everyone’s hearts.

Kyungsoo brought up his parents several times on the radio broadcast, revealing that he had recently bought them a new house. While he’s the perfect filial son who gives back to his loving parents, he doesn’t spoil them. Kyungsoo revealed that his mother had also asked him to buy her a massage chair, but he refused and bought her a massage gun, which could more accurately pinpoint her soreness. It’s an adorable anecdote and proof that his love for his parents manifests in both endearing and practical ways.

Kyungsoo has long been open about his love for his mom, and his passion for cooking comes from her. In fact, he applied for a cooking license for Korean food with his mother in order to create precious memories together before his enlistment.

His mom is constantly on his mind, and even in the most random moments, Kyungsoo will bring up his mother and send his love to her.

He’s also been incredibly consistent in his goals as a son to his parents. For Kyungsoo, taking care of his health is the best way to give back to his parents. He’s the perfect son any parent could ask for, as he’s always obedient, respectful, and kind. Kyungsoo is the definition of a gentleman, both due to his upbringing and his innate personality.

Kyungsoo isn’t only loved by his mom; he’s the favorite of every EXO member’s mother, and it’s no surprise, given how full of gentleness and love he is.

He also has many EXO-L mom fans, probably because everyone can see what a lovely son he is to his parents. No matter who he’s interacting with or where he goes, D.O. has always been consistent and touches everyone with his kindness.


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