EXO’s D.O. Explains Why He “Can’t” Use Social Media, But Zico Has The Perfect Solution

Zico is prepared.

EXO‘s D.O. was the most recent guest on Zico‘s YouTube series Give Me A Minute. In the episode, the two revealed that despite having very opposite personalities, they’re actually close friends.

D.O.: People get really surprised when I tell them we’re close. Because we’re so different.

Zico: Like a gentleman and a troublemaker?

Zico | ZICO/YouTube 

They’re such good friends that Zico is even aware of D.O.’s social media habits, or rather, lack thereof.

Zico: I was really curious about this. Why don’t you use social media or other channels of communication?

D.O. | ZICO/YouTube 

D.O. explained that even if he wanted to use social media more, he “can’t” because he doesn’t have any pictures to post.

D.O.: I just… I can’t. I don’t have a single photo of myself in my phone.

| ZICO/YouTube 

But Zico was quick to point out an alternative, reminding D.O. that he has pictures on his phone of the idol.

Zico: There are photos of you in mine.

| ZICO/YouTube 

And, of course, since they’re such good friends, D.O. has pictures of Zico too.

D.O.: In my phone too, I have photos of you.

Zico: You do.  

Zico eagerly told fans about one of his pictures of D.O. posing cutely.

Zico: The photo I have of Kyungsoo is when we went out for coffee. I was wearing a beanie and some accessories. I thought if Kyungsoo tried them on, he’d look really cute, so I asked, “Want to try them on?” He never says no. So he said he’d try them on. And he took a photo posing like this. He looked super cute.

| ZICO/YouTube 

Because Zico is the only person with those pictures of D.O., Zico asked if he could post the pictures for him, but D.O. refused.

Zico: I’m the only one who has that photo. So I asked Kyungsoo if I could upload it, and he was like, “No!

| ZICO/YouTube 

Still, if D.O. ever decides to become more active on social media, at least he knows that Zico has pictures he can post.

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