EXO D.O.’s New Photocard Spawns A New Viral Internet Challenge

It’s the new #KoKoBopChallenge.

EXO just released their winter special album Universe and, just as there are in most K-Pop albums, there is a random photo card inside each album, but this one is special. In this album, fans are appropriately freaking out over D.O.’s unique photo card.

Unlike most photocards which portray idols in their best light, from their best angle, D.O.’s latest photo card is taken from such a weird angle that you can only see his shaved head, his forehead, and his eyes.

Despite the strange concept, EXO-Ls are loving D.O.’s new photocard and are having a field day with it! Fans from all over the world have been taking selfies with the card while lining it up with their own faces.

They even created a new hashtag and named this challenge #KyungsooPcChallenge.

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Some EXO-L got even more creative and photoshopped D.O.’s photocard onto other members of EXO.

And on to animals and objects as well!

The #KyungsooPcChallenge replaces EXO’s last big internet challenge, the #kokobopchallenge, where fans across the world shared themselves dancing to
EXO’s “Kokobop” in public.