Korean Celebrity Says EXO-L’s Screams Almost Gave Him A Seizure

Netizens seem to be divided about Heo Ji Woong‘s comment on EXO fans’ screams and shouts of support at the 2017 Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards.

On February 22, the 2017 Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards were held, and Heo Ji Woong and Lee Chung Ah came on stage to announce the recipients of awards. Before announcing the winners, the two created suspense and tried to build a friendly atmosphere by engaging in some quick banter.

However, in the middle of their conversation, the camera showed EXO’s Sehun sitting with fellow EXO members, to which he smiled and hid his face bashfully. As soon as the camera turned to him, some EXO fans immediately showed their love and support for him by screaming for the whole time he was shown on camera and even after the camera had cut away.

The camera went back to Heo Ji Woong and Lee Chung Ah, to which Lee Chung Ah continued their section.

“As the awards show comes to an end, I feel that Heo Ji Woong will provide some brutally honest criticisms about K-pop for the second half of the year.”

Lee Chung Ah

Heo Ji Woong then answered in a half joking half earnest way.

“Forget the criticisms, I think I’m going to have a seizure. Their vocal chords are quite strong.”

Heo Ji Woong

Upon hearing his comments, some EXO fans went to Twitter and expressed their disconcert by leaving comments such as, “It’s rude of you to joke about seizures“, “your comment was hurtful to not only EXO fans but also people who suffer from regular seizures“. Other comments that criticized his choice of words in reaction to EXO fans’ screams were posted soon after.

Other EXO fans, however, defended Heo Ji Woong and explained that it was rude of them to interrupt the two hosts’ dialogue and that it was their responsibility to be polite by not interrupting them, even if their favorite idol was shown on the screen.

Fans are still quite divided on this issue and are continuing to debate on Heo Ji Woong’s comments on his Instagram account.

Check out the video below:

Source: YTN