Netizens Are Criticizing Billboard For “Disrespecting” GOT7 And EXO

They feel that Billboard isn’t giving these groups the respect they deserve.

Billboard is receiving criticism from netizens, who feel that EXO and GOT7 have been slighted in a small but significant way.


On April 4, Billboard revealed nominees for the 2019 Billboard Music Awards. GOT7 and EXO have been nominated for “Top Social Artist”, along with BTS, Louis Tomlinson, and Ariana Grande.


Although fans were happy about EXO’s and GOT7’s first-ever Billboard nominations, some were less than impressed with the way the announcement happened. In Billboard’s nominee video, BTS, Ariana Grande, and Louis Tomlinson have photos by their names…


…but EXO and GOT7 do not.


Some netizens have expressed their anger and disappointment, criticizing what they feel is a lack of research and lack of respect.


Others, however, aren’t letting this oversight dampen their spirits. They couldn’t be more excited for the nominations and are letting the whole world know it!