EXO’s Kai Takes Special Pictures During His Fan Meeting, And Fans Are Emotional At His Reasoning

“Precious angel.”

EXO‘s Kai just held his fan meeting before his military enlistment on May 11.

EXO Kai’s fan meeting poster | @weareoneEXO/Twitter

During his recent live stream, Kai promised that he would “blackmail” or “dragSM Entertainment by the neck to ensure that he was able to meet with fans before his enlistment.

And regarding a chance to see each other, […] I have to blackmail them or drag them by the neck, I’ll make it happen no matter what it takes, so we’ll see each other then.

— Kai

And Kai succeeded, holding his fan meeting on May 9, showing his incredible gratitude for his fans’ unwavering support.

The fan meeting was filled with precious memories that both Kai and his fans can treasure.

Including reading messages fans left for him.

And watching a special message from Suho for Kai.

Throughout the fan meeting, Kai also posed for pictures, even recreating some iconic photos from when EXO were rookies.

He also took several close-up selfies that fans definitely want him to release.

But fans were especially endeared by one set of pictures Kai took just for himself, photographing his fans to be able to look at the pictures during his enlistment and “gain energy.”

| @ohsenh/Twitter 

Kai even encouraged his fans to do different poses that idols often do for their fans.

First off, do teddy bear ears.

— Kai

| @ohsenh/Twitter 

He even teased fans, letting them know they had to be posing because they’d “never know where [he] will zoom in to.”

| @ohsenh/Twitter 

The livestream showed how eagerly fans were following Kai’s directions to give him the best possible pictures to look back on.

| @ohsenh/Twitter 

Fans felt incredibly emotional at Kai’s actions.

And are hoping that the time will pass quickly so they can see him again soon.

You can watch a clip from the moment here.

You can read more here.

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