EXO’s Kai And ASTRO’s Rocky Were Named As The Perfect Idol Dancers By Top Choreographer

He had high praises for Rocky and Kai:

EXO Kai‘s and ASTRO Rocky‘s smooth and flawless moves just received some major praise from a top choreographer.


Kwon Jae Seung is the choreographer behind the legendary and iconic moves from many amazing songs like GOT7‘s “Lullaby”, Wanna One‘s “Pick Me”, SF9‘s “Enough”, BTOB‘s “It’s Okay”, ASTRO‘s “All Night”, and Stray Kids‘ “My Pace” to name only a few!


On top of creating many amazing routines, Kwon Jae Seung also appeared on Produce X 101 Season 2 as well as Produce X 101 as a dance trainer. With his dancing expertise, you know any words coming from him are truly sincere and during a recent radio appearance, he had some very kind things to say about Rocky and Kai.


Kwon Jae Seung recently appeared on Makers, a section of MBC FM‘s Idol Radio, and discussed everything from his work on both seasons of Produce…

To be honest, I was able to earn a lot of money. But first, I came to understand the public a lot in terms of creating and accepting choreography and their understanding of music. In the past, I was tried to make the artist match me.

— Kwon Jae Seung


To revealing he would like the opportunity to choreograph for some girl groups too!

I would really like to work with female groups too! I’ve watched Cosmic Girls since they were trainees and I’ve been keeping my eye on ITZY. I have a girl’s sensibility inside me too. If you contact me at any time, I will do my best to make a beautiful choreography that everyone will like.

— Kwon Jae Seung


During the program, he also had some very kind words to say about Kai and Rocky too! Kwon Jae Seung named both Rocky and Kai as great idol dancers and even admitted that all their skills made them perfect!

Kai of EXO and Rocky of ASTRO. They have a great body line, are great at dancing, and have really good athletic skills. They’re perfect!

— Kwon Jae Seung


This isn’t the first time that Kai and Rocky have been praised for their stunning dance skills and with every stage they do, it’s no surprise why everyone has fallen in love with them!

Source: IMBC