EXO Kai and BLACKPINK Jennie Hinted at Their Relationship on Instagram

A romantic dinner in Paris!

Most of the fans were surprised to hear news of EXO Kai and BLACKPINK Jennie dating.

It turns out, they had dropped a pretty big hint on Instagram, but it went unnoticed and slipped past the fans’ radars.

During Paris Fashion Week in October 2018, both Kai and Jennie were in Paris: Kai to attend the Gucci show and Jennie to attend the Chanel show.

On the 3rd of October, Kai uploaded a picture on his Instagram. It was a picture of himself, posing in front of the Eiffel Tower.

On the same day, Jennie posted a picture to her Instagram, also posing in front of the Eiffel Tower.

She also posted pictures of food, with the caption “Had the most romantic dinner admiring the eiffel tower”.

While no fans seem to have noticed at the time, now that the news has been revealed, fans are saying that Kai and Jennie must have gone on a date during the time they were in France together.

We hope that Kai and Jennie are happy!