EXO Kai Was Cast For This Drama Role Just Because Of His Looks

“We needed a handsome actor.”

During a press conference for the KBS drama, The Miracle That We Met, writer Baek Mi Kyung revealed that EXO‘s Kai was cast for his good looks!


Kai plays the role of  “Ato,” a messenger who looks like he jumped out of the pages of a comic book.


When Baek Mi Kyung was asked about the casting decision for Ato, she revealed that Kai was chosen because he had the perfect image.

“Ato is mysterious, yet he has strong visuals. We needed a handsome actor so we cast Kai. I am completely satisfied with the casting.” — Park Mi Kyung


The Miracle That We Met will begin airing on April 2, and is about a man who switches lives with another man. They share the same name and age, but no other similarities.


Kai will star alongside actors Kim Myung Min, Kim Hyun Joo, Ra Mi Ran, and Go Chang Suk.

Source: Dispatch, 10 Asia, TV Report and Herald Pop