Fans Notice EXO’s Kai Changed One Of His Well Known Habits After Entering The Military

He was just spotted in public.

EXO‘s Kai is currently completing his mandatory military service. After enlisting early last year, he was rarely seen out of the premises of the military.

This changed on January 19 when fans spotted him going out for a drink in Kamong, a cafe owned by his sister. People were quick to notice the singer given that most customers were EXO-Ls.

Kai looked as handsome as can be dressed in a beige jacket over a denim shirt. He was relaxed while hanging out with his friends.

Besides this, there was something notable about him that fans noticed: his coffee order.

Though it seemed inconsequential, his drink was a far cry from his usual pick. He was halfway through an americano, an espresso shot mixed with hot water.

| @dytanuruliza/Instagram

It was practically the complete opposite of his usual coffee order, a latte which also includes espresso but instead pairs it with milk. This gives it a sweeter and lighter taste compared to an americano.

Fans found the small coffee-drinking habit change shocking especially considering his precious stance on the topic. Kai, after all, was the type of person who used to be unable to drink strong coffee.

Everyone, I have very shocking news. I started drinking coffee but I can’t drink americano.


Now, EXO-Ls are commenting their shock at this development.

Some had a hard time recognizing the idol considering his previous dislike of iced americano.

They believed that he began using it to cope with the stress of being in the military.

Finally, one noted that although one part about Kai has changed, he himself has not.

EXO’s Kai enlisted in the military on May 11, 2023. He is expected to be discharged in February 2025.

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