EXO’s Kai Calls Lovelyz Mijoo Beautiful And Her Reaction Is Precious

“Ah, Mijoo is being strange.”

EXO‘s Kai recently guested on the latest episode of Sixth Sense and there were several cute moments that came out of it!

Since the cast is full of endless charisma and bright personalities, Kai had great chemistry with everyone. One interaction fans were excited to see was Kai and Lovelyz‘s Mijoo! Because the two starred on Amazing Saturday together, many have grown fond of their new friendship. Despite the two already meeting in the past, Mijoo couldn’t help but get nervous and shy.

Kai and Mijoo on “Amazing Saturday” | 놀라운 토요일 Amazing Saturday/YouTube

Since the two have already teamed up on a show together, Yoo Jae Suk commented, “I heard that Mijoo and Kai did a variety show together. How was it?

Kai added that he was curious as to know how Mijoo felt about the experience. Adorably, Mijoo acted cute and nervous again and Jessi claimed, “Ah, Mijoo is being strange.

When asked about how Kai felt about Mijoo, Kai stated, “Isn’t she beautiful? Her duality is charming.” Following Kai’s compliment, Mijoo blushed and cutely fidgeted her feet. Of course, Jessi broke up Mijoo’s “Shy act” and commented, “Can you stop this?! He’s complimenting you.”

Despite this precious moment, things turned hilarious once Kai started to pick his team members for the challenge they were given. Right before Kai chose his teammates, actor Lee Sang Yeob stated, “It would be really funny if Kai didn’t pick Mijoo (for his team).” Funnily enough, Kai did not choose Mijoo and it was all too funny.

Source: Top Star News and TVING