EXO’s Kai Reflects On His Past And Shares How He’s Changed As A Dancer Over The Years

20 years have passed and his love remains the same.

In an interview with DAZED KOREAEXO‘s Kai looked back at his past interview with DAZED six years ago and reflected on his growth as a person and as a dancer.

During the interview, Kai read excerpts from various books and magazines, including his interview from his photo shoot with DAZED in 2016. While he was nervous about what the 23-year-old (22 in international age) him had said, he was also excited to know what his thoughts used to be and how they’ve changed since then.


For Kai, this was one of his favorite photo shoots of all time, and he’s had many legendary pictorials.

These few pictures will have all EXO-Ls agreeing that it’s truly one of his best photo shoots.



Kai has always been a heartthrob, but it’s his shy and adorable personality that has fans falling deeper in love with him. Looking back through the interview questions, Kai couldn’t help but laugh at the randomness.

Kai stumbled across a question where the interviewer stated how at 23, Kai was a dancer with both strength and skill and asked how Kai viewed himself and his dance journey. Even six years ago, Kai’s answer was profound, proving that dance has always been something he cherishes deeply.

Now that I think about it, I started dancing when I was 8 … I was just cute then. In middle school I danced like a little boy. Now that I’m 23 … isn’t it the stage where I’m becoming more mature?

— Kai

23-year-old Kai was curious about what 28-year-old Kai would be like, and his predictions were spot on.

As I am now, I definitely became more mature both physically and mentally. Even though I can’t exactly remember. at 23, I would have thought of myself as not so different from the me who grew up like this now.

— Kai

What makes a difference between the younger and current Kai is maturity and health, both mentally and physically, but one thing will never change: his love for dance.

I’ve been dancing for 20 years. I’ve been dancing for more than half of my life.

— Kai

Dance has become an integral part of Kai’s life, so much so that it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that it’s as important and natural as breathing or sleeping to him. He doesn’t have to be on stage for dance to bring meaning to his life; whether he’s in front of thousands or in the privacy of his living room, dancing is his constant source of joy.

Dance is special to me, but it’s also very ordinary because it’s in my everyday life.

— Kai

It’s impossible to separate Kai from dance, and it will remain that way for the rest of his life.