Kai Deletes All Photos From His Recent Trip Causing Fans To Worry

He explained why later on.

EXO‘s Kai has been getting a bit of well-deserved rest and relaxation time on his personal vacation in the Philippines, but his latest Instagram post has left a lot of fans worried about him.


Over the past couple of days, Kai has shared a number of pictures from his trip much to the delight of fans, but fans recently noticed that Kai deleted all his posts from his trip from his Instagram page.


If the sudden disappearance of his posts were already raising red flags for fans, he later posted a story that simply said, “I’m disappointed.


The story was deleted shortly afterward but fans had already seen the post became very worried about Kai. At first, many EXO-Ls were wondering what had happened and there were many theories as to why Kai took these steps.


It didn’t take too long for detective EXO-Ls to track down what they believe to be the main culprit for Kai’s disappointment. Not too long before Kai’s Instagram photos disappeared, photos and video of Kai and a few of his friends having fun together were being circulated around the internet. Fans found out the photos were not posted by Kai and were instead posted by his tour guide.


Although the posts were soon deleted, EXO-L wanted to make sure that Kai was okay and began expressing their concern for him.


Now Kai has just updated one more time to let fans know why he decided to take down the posts.

“I personally chose and uploaded every single photo in hopes of sharing new memories with everyone, but… It’s been shared in ways I never wanted, so I was frustratedㅜ.. I’m sorry I made you worry.”

— Kai


And in reply, fans are letting him know that not only do they understand his reaction, but that he has no reason to apologize.