EXO Fan Worried Kai Broke A Law In Paris, The Eiffel Tower Responds

Fans are relieved with this reply from the French authorities.

A video of EXO‘s Kai posted on his personal Instagram account had fans worried after assuming that their favorite member broke the law. 


It was a video of Kai dancing in front of The Eiffel Tower, seemingly appeared to be having a good time. 


A concerned fan, however, knew the restrictions placed on publishing photos on the night light show of the Eiffel Tower and reached out to their official page. 



After hearing the EXO-L’s concern, La Tour Eiffel responded with their official statements.

“Hello, photos or videos of individuals of the Eiffel Tower are not illegal or subject to authorization. Only professionals should inquire of us in the conditions of exploitation of their images at night.”

— La Tour Eiffel


The light show remains protected under France’s copyright law making it illegal to be published professionally. This wasn’t the case with Kai as he only he posted it for personal reasons. 


Well, glad that’s sorted!