EXO Kai’s Fans Build An Elementary School In China In His Honor

The fans are as kind as their idol!

EXO Kai‘s Chinese fanclub, named China Kim Jongin Bar, announced its plans to build an elementary school in China in Kai’s name.

“We are planning on running a school in the secluded village in the mountains in [Kai’s] name. Many children will receive their elementary education here. We hope that EXO Kai’s name will be spread to many people through this support.”

— @KimJonginBar


The school will be available for underprivileged children living in the rural mountainous area. The fanclub hopes that the children will be granted the same educational opportunities as other students who live in more fortunate areas.

“We are building the hope school for children without resources can get an education. They will be able to learn like normal children.”

— @KimJonginBar


They were inspired to build the hope school by Kai’s kind and generous philanthropy work throughout the years. Kai has repeatedly donated generous amount of goods, financial support, and endorsements to multiple non-profit organizations throughout his career.

Kai volunteering at a local children’s welfare facility. 


China Kim Jongin Bar is currently collecting logo ideas for the school. They ask other fans to chime in their ideas and thoughts for the future of their school.


Kai’s fans continue to amaze the world with acts of kindness and generosity that mirror their idol’s!

Source: Nate Pann