EXO Fans Are Losing It Over Kai’s Teasers For “Rover” Comeback

This comeback is already epic!

Recently, EXO‘s Kai released the teaser schedule for his upcoming solo comeback with his third mini-album, Rover.

The album is scheduled to come out on March 13, and in the days following up to its release, he’ll be sharing mood samplers and teaser images to build up excitement!

Kai (EXO)

A lot of fans, however, have been understandably distracted by the schedule’s background image, which features Kai looking angelic in nothing but pants and a pair of feathery wings.

If this is a hint at the concept for Rover, then we’re all for it! And it seems that fans are too, based on their comments reacting to the schedule. They’re particularly excited about the part of the schedule that says “FILM : KAI”, set to be released a week after the album drops!

| The Qoo

  • Whoa
  • ARE YOU SERIOUS??? F*cking crazy-
  • Oh, this is hot sh*t… It’s going to be a big one…
  • Film Kai T-T
  • OooooOOOOOoh!
  • WOW
  • Shoot, this is going to be huge
  • FILM KAI?! Holy moly

International fans are sharing their opinions as well, which are overwhelmingly positive and excited for Kai’s next solo comeback.

These next couple of weeks are no doubt going to bring us even more gorgeous teasers from Kai!

Source: The Qoo and Pann Choa