EXO’s Kai Becomes The First Korean Celebrity To Launch A Capsule Collection With GUCCI

Here’s what it means to him.

EXO Kai‘s exclusive collection with luxury brand GUCCI has finally been unveiled, and it’s exceeded expectations! With the launch of Kai x GUCCI, the GUCCI Global Ambassador has achieved another unprecedented milestone in the industry. To date, no other Korean celebrity has launched a capsule collection with the brand.

In an exclusive interview with the magazine Esquire Korea, Kai dished on the inspiration behind his collection and his reaction to having a collection named after himself.

Kai explained that the focal point of his collection is the adorable bears “drawn here and there.” Because GUCCI’s image is that of a high-end brand, he hoped that the addition of bears would give it a more casual vibe.

The ‘Kai Capsule Collection’ is a collection of bears, my favorite animal. GUCCI is a high-end brand, and it doesn’t feel like it’s lightly worn. But with this cute bear, I made it feel more casual than the original GUCCI. Bears are drawn here and there, so I think I can wear it more cutely. People of all ages can wear it on a daily basis.

— Kai

When asked why he chose a bear out of all things, he explained that his fans were the first to point out their similarities. He eventually came to accept that bears are his spirit animals!

My fans gave me the nickname because I move slowly, like a bear. At first, I thought, ‘I’m not a bear.’ But then, I started using more bear-character things. I got more gifts with bear pictures on them. That’s how I came to like bears, too! It became something that symbolizes me—a connection between me and my fans…And it just so happens that I do have a lot of things in common with bears. (Laughs)

— Kai

Another reason why bears are especially meaningful to him is because it deepened his connection with EXO-Ls and made him understand himself more: “It was also a symbol of me and a signal between my fans and me. Come to think of it, I had a lot of bear-like sides.

Esquire praised Kai for being GUCCI’s Global Ambassador for two years and counting, and they asked him how he felt to have a collection under his name.

With great humility, Kai answered that he is greatly honored and excited, especially considering how he was the first Korean celebrity to be presented with this opportunity.

This is the first time GUCCI has launched a collection in collaboration with a Korean celebrity. I’m grateful and I’m excited. It’s not easy to have a collection dedicated to my name. It’s such an honor and a great opportunity. I’m simply exhilarated that it’s all happening to me.

— Kai

Upon hearing the news, fans couldn’t hold back their excitement and admiration! They expressed awe at how far he’s come, from attending his first GUCCI event in 2015 to launching his own collection with the brand in 2021.

Fans aren’t the only ones who are extremely proud of Kai! Prior to the launch of his capsule collection, trend magazine W Korea celebrated by stationing huge bears all over Seoul.

Congratulations to Kai for his first collection with GUCCI! Check out some of his pieces below.

Kai x GUCCI collection inspired by bears.
Source: Esquire Korea


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