EXO’s Kai Impressed Fans With His Natural Diving Abilities On “Honeymoon Tavern”

An average person can hold their breath for 30-90 seconds, but Kai? 🤭

EXO‘s Kai is amazing at practically everything he tries: singing, dancing, rapping, even taking care of kids!

Still, Kai was able to shock both fans and also the instructors with how unbelievable his affinity for diving is in the sixth episode of Honeymoon Tavern.

| @131moon_/Instagram

Before they allowed Kai to step foot into the ocean, he had to go through a short training period. Within that time, Kai learned a wide variety of specific techniques in addition to all of the necessary safety precautions. He was also given a few tests so that the coaches could assess his abilities – that was when his aptitude for diving became extremely apparent.

According to a study by American scientists Ryan M. Bart and Henry Lau, an average person can typically hold their breath for somewhere between 30 and 90 seconds. However, Kai more than doubled their highest estimation by clocking in a time of 190 seconds!

In addition to having an insane lung capacity, Kai is able to withstand intense amounts of water pressure, as shown when he traversed to the bottom depths of the practice pool.

Once he finally made the transition to the real ocean, Kai had no problem picking up sea urchins with ease!

And nobody can deny that Kai looked sexy AF while doing it.

Is there anything Kai can’t do?

Source: Shallow Water Blackout Study