EXO’s Kai Reveals His Introverted Habits, And They’re 100% Relatable

On stage, Kai is a fierce bear. Off stage, he’s a teddy bear.

If there’s an idol that represents all introverts, it’d be EXO‘s Kai. Despite his fierce aura on stage, Kai gets incredibly shy around other people, leading to some of the funniest and most relatable moments.

Through his brief appearances in other celebrity vlogs and on the actual airing of the Blue Dragon Series Awards 2022, it was clear that Kai hardly interacted with anyone. In his recent vlog, Kai revealed more of his introverted moments at the awards show.

| 카이 KAI/YouTube

The nerves hit Kai long before the award show began, a feeling many introverts can relate to. For social introverts, big events, no matter how exciting, cause these two worries: who do I interact with, and how long do I have to be around people?

Since he was nominated for a rookie entertainer award, he was reminded of the time EXO won the Rookie of the Year award in 2012, but he couldn’t help but feel even more nervous since this was an award outside of the music world.

Kai showed another habit of introverts when he started rehearsing his speech. Though it wasn’t guaranteed that he would win at this time, many introverts can agree that preparing a speech beforehand is better than getting caught off guard and speaking on the spot.

Kai’s nervousness just in practicing his speech is totally relatable, proving why introverts need to rehearse their words before speaking in public. Better to get the mess sorted out ahead of time instead of being tongue-tied in front of everyone.

To relieve his nerves, Kai decided to play his favorite game: spot the difference. For any introvert, distractions are the best when trying to relax, especially if that distraction is simple, fun, and easy to carry around.

But despite all his worries, Kai was able to get along just fine with those around him. It’s not like introverts don’t like to talk; it’s just hard to approach others first. Thanks to the friendly people around him, Kai could relax and enjoy his time at the award show.

To end the night on the sweetest note possible, Kai won the Rookie Male Entertainer award, and all his rehearsals paid off as he delivered an eloquent and humble speech. The cherry on top was his bright smile right before he thanked his members and EXO-Ls. No matter where Kai goes, he knows who will always have his back.