Fans Can’t Get Over How Cute EXO’s Kai and MAMAMOO Hwasa’s Chemistry Is — Or Their Height Difference

Now, all we need is a music collab.

EXO‘s Kai and MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa are the duo we never knew we needed, but if you look closely, they have a lot in common. They’re both members (and maknaes) of some of the most vocally powerful groups in K-Pop, have incredibly successful solo careers, and are famous for their insane duality on and off stage. Also, their MBTIs have only one letter difference: Kai is an INFJ, and Hwasa is an INFP. With so many similarities, it’s no surprise why their chemistry is effortless, and fans can’t get enough.



♬ I`m a 빛 – Hwa Sa

For episode 3 of their Olive Young World series, Kai and Hwasa stole the hearts of all fans with their dynamic.

EXO incorporates their superpower concept into everything, and the results are always adorable and hilarious.

If you’ve only seen them on stage, it’s hard to believe the two are introverts, but there’s no denying that together, they’re two slightly shy but incredibly happy people. Of course, if they ever collab on stage, they’ll be the definition of confidence (please make this come true).

But if there’s one thing fans really can’t go over, it’s Hwasa and Kai’s height difference.

Even in a close-up shot, it’s easy to see how Kai is a head taller than Hwasa, and when you zoom out, the height difference is glaring.

Kai is 182 cm while Hwasa is 163 cm, so there’s nearly a 20 cm difference between the two, but we can’t tell if Hwasa’s really tiny or if Kai’s just really tall. What we do know is that their height difference makes their already adorable interactions even cuter.

You can watch episode 3 of their Olive Young World series here:

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EXO’s Kai And MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Show Off Their Unexpectedly Chaotic Dynamic

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